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We have developed the most advanced forestry simulators in the market! The simulator edition, finished in 2014, represent the very latest technology. The simulators were developed in cooperation with Finnish professionals, and by utilizing their deep knowledge the behavior of the machine and its surroundings is polished to perfection. Customer benefits of the forestry simulators:

  • Cost efficient: no fuel or other material costs
  • No human, machine or environmental damages
  • Real machine in productive work
  • Suitable also for R&D
  • Realistic machine behavior leads to better operator skills

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Mevea Harvester Simulator

The Harvester Simulator has the most realistic features in the market. Adjustable pruning forces, realistic log behavior and the original machine control system make the training as good as it gets Read more ->

Mevea Forwarder Simulator

The Forwarder Simulator provides the same realistic behavior as the Harvester Simulator. The trees and logs are behaving like in a real forest, not falling into the ground like they were made of iron. Read more ->

Simulator of Your choice
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Some really experienced Spraymec operators have said that the machine movements are simulated as in the real machine, which is the best starting point for training new operators. It is also much cheaper to break the spraying boom in virtual environment than in a real mine, not to mention driving a loader into a jaw crusher.

Jaakko Ruuskanen, SQE Director, Normet

The R&D Simulator fastens up the development of hybrid working machinery by reducing the amount of prototypes built when testing different features

Lasse Laurila, LUT Energy

Mevea’s 6DOF1200E Motion Platform was really easy to connect with the provided SDK and it has raised the reality of our CSE driving simulator to a completely new level. Afterwards, Mevea’s innovative team has given us great ideas how to develop our simulator even further.

Veli-Matti Nurkkala, Managing Director, CSE Simulation

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